Help Page


Contacts page - To email someone on the Contacts page, just click on their name to open a contact form.

To view tournament results, go to the Full Tournament Schedule page (via the link on the Home page).  If the results are available for viewing, the Tournament or Golf Course name will be purple indicating it is a link.

Google Maps are linked to all of our tournaments.  Click on the Maps link (next to the golf course name) to view the maps.  Via Google Maps, you can get turn-by-turn directions.

Photo Gallery page - Captions (if available) can be seen if you hover the cursor (mouse arrow) over the picture.  Click on the left or right arrow to advance to the next picture.

Player of the Year - This end of the year award is given to the top points earners for both men and women. Points are awarded as follows: All Federation Tournaments (except ours) (1 point); Team Tournaments (ie, Challenge Cup) (4 point - win or 1 point - participation); Our Regular Monthly Tournaments (4 points - 1st place, 3 points - 2nd place, 2 points - 3rd place or 1 point - participation); Our Club Championship Federation Tournament (8 points - win, 6 points - 2nd place, 4 points - 3rd place or 2 points - participation).  3 points are also awarded for each new (non-junior) member sponsored.